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Fundraising support for local NGO

Are you creative and interested in fundraising? For sure you can help this local NGO to develop a new fundraising campaign.

✔️ Create and design fundraising idea

✔️ Join the program of YEP Tanzania

✔️ Meet many local entrepreneurs 

The challenge

One of the challenges of YEP Tanzania is to find more donors who are willing to support the program financially. Right now, YEP Tanzania has a partnership with TRIAS - another NGO supporting empowerment - and they share the costs of the program in Arusha. However, more budget would be needed to facilitate more special classes, organise internships for students and to invest in more trainers. In that way, the impact can be increased and more entrepreneurs will be able to run a successful business.

Your project

The goal of this project is to support YEP Tanzania in new fundraising activities. Are you creative and do you have ideas on how to generate more money for their program and to increase awareness from donors? An example of fundraising could be to launch a campaign for special classes. You can identify the special classes and entrepreneurs while you are in Tanzania and make a plan on how to spread the worth. By making the money goals more specific and tangible, it will be easier for people to understand what impact they can create by donating money. You can be creative, share your knowledge and use your own ideas to come up with a plan for fundraising activities.

  • Join the program of YEP Tanzania to understand what they do

  • Meet the local entrepreneurs who take part in the program

  • Visit some companies to take photos that can be used for fundraising

  • Collect success stories of the special classes

  • Make a fundraising strategy

  • Start implementing this strategy while you are in Tanzania

  • If you want, you can continue the campaign when you're back home

The main activities

This sounds like my project!

About YEP Tanzania

YEP Tanzania is a local NGO in Arusha that provides training and education in entrepreneurship to youth in Tanzania. They truly believe entrepreneurship can empower people and that is why they provide training programs in 6 different areas of the country.


For the Arusha program, they recruit people who already have a business, but who can use support in developing their business and takes the next steps into growth. During the program, the students will get classes in bookkeeping, negotiation, marketing, financial planning and other soft skills that are needed when doing business. 


After the training, the entrepreneurs will get the chance to get a loan from the SACCOS - a fund from the local Chamber of Commerce. Before obtaining a loan, there will be a second round of company visits, a meeting with a loan advisor and support with business plan. This to determine the amount of the loan and to make sure the entrepreneur will not take too much risk.


YEP Tanzania is the local partner organisation of the Sengerema Foundation in the Netherlands. This partnership is a win-win for both NGOs. Sengerema Foundation is an important donor for YEP, who is in their place the local implementing partner. YEP Tanzania has its own trainers, mostly alumni from the program. Additionally, YEP offers special classes to their students. These are small group sessions focused on specific skills sets for entrepreneurs operating in the same business. In specific cases, YEP organises an ‘internship’ for a student, so they can learn tips and tricks from an experienced entrepreneur. This year, entrepreneurs who have a fish pond could join the special class on how to regulate the water in the best way for example. Other special classes were dedicated to graphic design, make-up skills, English classes, poultry farms and tailoring. They always try to connect alumni from the program with the new students.

Why do I have to pay?

We wish we could say volunteering is for free. You are giving your time for free, but you still have to pay money to do a project. Why is this? 

All our projects are based on the needs of the local entrepreneurs. Of course, we want to be able to support them with what they really need, to make sure we don't waste time and money. Visiting the companies, selecting the projects and having someone who is always there to help you, simply cost money.

To make it short, the money you pay is not to do the projects but is to cover the costs of the organisation, your transfer, your accommodation and the support during the preparation, your stay and after you return home. 


What are the costs?

Application fee                €  449

Daily fee                            €    25

Airport transfers               €    80


✔️ Accommodation

✔️ Daily breakfast

✔️ 24/7 support on location

✔️ Preparation guide and assistance

✔️ Welcome city-tour

✔️ Pick-up from airport by representative

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