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Service development 

Are you interested in supporting the local Chamber of Commerce of Arusha? This is your chance! Support developing new services for their members.

✔️ Think of new services for members

✔️ Speak to many local entrepreneurs

✔️ Join workshops and meetings

The challenge

The main challenges for the TCCIA are related to member management and recruitment. How can they attract more members and what are the members looking for? Recruitment and retention are the main challenges for the local chamber of commerce. The main question for the TCCIA to be answered is to know how to attract more entrepreneurs to pay the membership fee. 


Does the TCCIA currently offer the services that people are looking for or should they create new services?

Your project

To be able to answer the question of the TCCIA on how to attract more members, it is important to understand what the members are looking for. You can expect to have meetings and interviews with their existing members and understand why they became a member and what they expect from the TCCIA. Do you want to have more services available? Is there specific information they lack and would like to get the answers by the TCCIA?


What about online courses? Would their members make use of this and what would they like to learn? Or should the TCCIA organize more events to meet other entrepreneurs and/or possible investors? 


The project will involve quite some research, but this allows you to speak with many local entrepreneurs and to really get an idea of what’s going on in the local economy of Arusha, Tanzania. You will also get the chance to come up with new ideas on how to improve the services and how this should be implemented. 

  • Learn about the TCCIA and how they currently work

  • Meet local entrepreneurs who are current members of the TCCIA

  • Research what members are looking for

  • Develop new services for TCCIA and think about how to implement these services

  • Join meetings, workshops and company visits with the staff

  • If you feel like it, you can write new texts on the website and social media

The main activities

This sounds like my project!

About the TCCIA

The Arusha Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (TCCIA) is a member based organization that was established on a national level in 1994 at a regional level with the support of the Tanzanian government to strengthen the private sector. Local entrepreneurs can become a member and will get access to a wide network and business support. They can get business consultancy, access to loans and advise on taxes, licenses and export regulations for example. Members have to pay a membership of 50.000 TSH per year.

Why do I have to pay?

We wish we could say volunteering is for free. You are giving your time for free, but you still have to pay money to do a project. Why is this? 

All our projects are based on the needs of the local entrepreneurs. Of course, we want to be able to support them with what they really need, to make sure we don't waste time and money. Visiting the companies, selecting the projects and having someone who is always there to help you, simply cost money.

To make it short, the money you pay is not to do the projects but is to cover the costs of the organisation, your transfer, your accommodation and the support during the preparation, your stay and after you return home. 


What are the costs?

Application fee                €  449

Daily fee                            €    25

Airport transfers               €    80


✔️ Accommodation

✔️ Daily breakfast

✔️ 24/7 support on location

✔️ Preparation guide and assistance

✔️ Welcome city-tour

✔️ Pick-up from airport by representative

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