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Business support

Do you have experiences coaching start-ups with their business growth and taking decisions? Support Rose growing her business.

✔️ Learn about booming African startup

✔️ Work together on a growth strategy

✔️ Remote business coaching 

The challenge

Rose is for sure a real entrepreneur who knows what she wants and not afraid to take risks. Right now, she is in the process of getting a contract with a famous Tanzanian influencer (49 mln followers), who will sell and promote the baby diapers. This is an investment, but Rose is not scared to take the risk and understands you have to invest money to grow the business. 


However, she is now struggling to manage her working capital. She has to invest to order new batches from China, but at the same time, she is still waiting to get her cash in hand from the stores. Rose would love to meet someone who can help her to advise how to manage business growth in a sustainable way and how to invest her profits in the best way. 

Your project

The goal of this project is that you will help Rose to make a plan for sustainable business growth. You will get to know her business while you’re in Arusha and you will join her on the road when she visits clients. This will give you an insight into her business. 


What Rose is really looking for is someone she can discuss her business questions and ask for advice when she has to make important decisions. Once you know her business, it will be easy to do this from a distance. 

  • Join Rose to clients and sales meetings

  • Learn more about a fast-growing African business

  • Learn about the production and import processes of the business

  • Gain an insight into the business structure, way of working

  • Discuss the business goals and growth strategies

  • Gain insights into the current financials 

  • Work on a growth strategy together with Rose

The main activities

This sounds like my project!

About the company

Rose (28) started her business in March 2017. She had saved some money from her previous job, when she decided she wanted to start her own brand for sanitary pads. After research regarding production, she went to China to invest in her first batch of sanitary pads and baby diapers. She designed the packaging by herself and knew she wanted to deliver high quality. Rose went through the whole process of importing the products to Tanzania and once the first batch arrived, the hard work really started. There was no budget for marketing, so Rose went with the boxes to all shops in town to sell her new products. It took 6 months before she got the first big order from a supermarket, which generated money she invested in marketing. From that moment, she started to work with agents who find new markets and they receive a commission over the products they sold. She currently works with 25 agents in 10 different regions of Tanzania. Rose has been to China for 3 times already and is planning to expand the business. Her business goal in 5 years, is to sell 5 containers every month. At this moment, she sells one 40hq container every 3 months. This generates a turnover of 75 million TSH per month (€30.000). This proves the business has a lot of potential. 


When looking at the products, the products of Rose are definitely standing out from other existing brands. Her packaging looks more attractive and has a fresh and modern look. Besides, she is the first brand in Tanzania that sells packages with 2 ‘pant-liners’ inside the package, which differentiates her as well.


Additionally, Rose runs a charity to provide menstrual education to Maasai communities in Tanzania. Even nowadays, girls are not allowed to go to school when having their period and research has shown that the drop-out rate amongst girls is significantly higher than boys. With her education and products, she aims to reduce the dropout rate and create better opportunities for girls in the future.

Why do I have to pay?

We wish we could say volunteering is for free. You are giving your time for free, but you still have to pay money to do a project. Why is this? 

All our projects are based on the needs of the local entrepreneurs. Of course, we want to be able to support them with what they really need, to make sure we don't waste time and money. Visiting the companies, selecting the projects and having someone who is always there to help you, simply cost money.

To make it short, the money you pay is not to do the projects but is to cover the costs of the organisation, your transfer, your accommodation and the support during the preparation, your stay and after you return home. 


What are the costs?

Application fee                €  449

Daily fee                            €    25

Airport transfers               €    80


✔️ accommodation

✔️ daily breakfast

✔️ 24/7 support on location

✔️ preparation guide and assistance

✔️ welcome city-tour

✔️ pick-up from airport by representative

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