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Social media expert

Do you have knowledge about sales through social media? Support Prisca selling more of her delicious cakes online!

✔️ Create new social media posts

✔️ Make social media strategy

✔️ Learn how to make local chapati

The challenge

Even though Vena Cakes & Bites has over 6500 followers on Instagram and she knows how to make attractive pictures, she still struggles to get more orders via online channels. She mainly uses Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp as sales channels. Also, Prisca managed to work together with a famous Tanzanian influencer to promote her book, which is of course super nice and helpful. 


Right now, she would love to learn more about sales through social media, how to make attractive posts and how to target her market.

Your project

Do you have experiences with social media sales? Share these with Prisca! Have you worked with Instagram and Facebook in your daily job, you can for sure support Prisca a lot. Together you can find out which hashtags work best and how to write her Instagram posts in an efficient way.


Also, Whatsapp marketing is an important sales channel for businesses in East-Africa. You might not have experiences with this yet, but if you know how to design a simple post with attractive pictures, the most important information and contact details, you can teach Prisca how to do this herself. For example, using Canva is a very easy, cheap and nice way to design social media posts.

  • Join the baking sessions of Prisca and her team to get to know her

  • You're invited to take nice pictures and/or videos of her while baking

  • Learn about her current social media strategy

  • Teach her how to improve the visuals and posts 

  • Introduce tools like Canva to design future posts

  • Find out which hashtags and strategies would work best

  • Learn how to make local chapati ;

The main activities

This sounds like my project!

About Vena Cakes & Bites

Vena Cakes & Bites is a high-quality bakery in Arusha town. Prisca started the business many years ago and she developed her baking skills significantly over time. Right now, she bakes everything from home only on order. Her specialities are cookies and cakes, she even won an award for ‘Best Cookie of Tanzania’ in 2017. Her main clients are people who look for wedding, graduation and communal cakes to celebrate a special occasion. 


During busy months, she has over 50 orders for cakes. In low months - when there are no weddings and no Communions - she sometimes only has 10 orders a month. This year, Prisca launched her first cookbook with some of her recipes, something she is really proud of. Another revenue stream for her is the training programs she provides for people who want to learn how to bake. However, she only had a few students so far.


Prisca put her personality into her business. She is a hard-working, focussed and always smiling woman who knows what she wants and only wants to deliver quality. She knows how to build her network and is a very social-minded businesswoman. She provides, for example, a free training program to 3 women and girls in need. With this training, she helps to create better future possibilities for these women.

Why do I have to pay?

We wish we could say volunteering is for free. You are giving your time for free, but you still have to pay money to do a project. Why is this? 

All our projects are based on the needs of the local entrepreneurs. Of course, we want to be able to support them with what they really need, to make sure we don't waste time and money. Visiting the companies, selecting the projects and having someone who is always there to help you, simply cost money.

To make it short, the money you pay is not to do the projects but is to cover the costs of the organisation, your transfer, your accommodation and the support during the preparation, your stay and after you return home. 


What are the costs?

Application fee                €  449

Daily fee                            €    25

Airport transfers               €    80


✔️ Accommodation

✔️ Daily breakfast

✔️ 24/7 support on location

✔️ Preparation guide and assistance

✔️ Welcome city-tour

✔️ Pick-up from airport by representative

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