The Social Impact Journey continues!

So. I’m back in Uganda! And so many things happened since the last blog. I’m now in Uganda to explore Kampala, the capital, and to see if I can work for the PearlAfric, a local tour operator. The other thing: I’m now officially a freelancer, ready to be a digital nomad!

Exactly 4 weeks ago I met Innocent at the tourism trade fair in Breda. He knew my dad already and after I introduced myself, he asked me what I do for work and I explained that I’m free as a butterfly, doing some work for companies all over the world, but that I would love to go back to East-Africa. Within no time, we spoke about me coming to Uganda to check out his office and see how I could be of added value within the company. We met the day after and plans became real and flights were booked. So 4 weeks later, I’m here in Kampala, finally writing again.

The Social Impact Journey continues

Before I left I was super relaxed, did not worry about anything and I was very open-minded. I would just go, explore and discover and make sure I make the most out of this trip. However, once on the plane I asked myself what I was doing. Again going to Africa for business? Why? I had 10 hours to get the answer and my only conclusion was that I really wanna know if my ideas can be realised. From the moment I got home from Tanzania, I knew I wanted to try if I can make ‘The Social Impact Journey’ also an experience for other people. Organising trips, based on skill-sharing and the exchange of knowledge, ideas and talent is in my opinion a great way to create sustainable positive impact for local businesses.

In Breda, I also met Carolina who started Fair2Travel. I knew her company already, because she organised similar trips a few years ago. However, she figured that the market was not ready for these kind of trips yet and her local partner in Rwanda was no longer involved in the support of entrepreneurs. She also experienced it was hard to combine B2B and B2C marketing, so decided to only focus on the sustainable and fair holidays for consumers. But after I shared my ideas with her, she was super enthusiastic and more than willing to meet and see how to continue my plans together. So nice! Within 2 weeks, my plans became more concrete and I knew I wanted to check out the opportunities for this in Kampala.

So what I will do the next 25 days:

1. Learn more about the operations of PearlAfric and figure how I can add value

2. Meet local organisations that support entrepreneurs in Uganda

3. Visit all co-working and business hubs in Kampala to meet businesses I could possibly partner with

4. Last but not least: travel for 1.5 week through all of Uganda to get to know the country!

I promise: many more updates coming soon!


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