Getting into the digital nomad lifestyle

I’m back in rainy, stormy and cold Holland! The past month has been a great experience again, I learned so many things about Uganda, tourism in Uganda, entrepreneurship and businesses in Uganda, but also about my own passions and ideas.

You all know I travelled a lot for the past months. This is nothing new, I’ve always been like that, but there was always a reason to be abroad: my exchange program in Canada, an internship in Cape Town, field trip with university to Myanmar… I always found an excuse to travel and to explore new places. As I told you before, last June, many people asked me what I planned to do and if I had found a job already. I didn’t have the answer. The trip to Zambia and Tanzania last year really helped me to find more answers, because now I knew I wanted to combine tourism, entrepreneurship and being free as a bird. But how do you do this?

Without a real plan, I managed to find a way that made it possible to travel and to make some money while working on a distance for a company. I figured that I could do more projects for other companies too and that this would be the perfect way to

  1. Be flexible, be free and be able to travel the world while working

  2. Learn from different companies, people and cultures instead of working for one company at one place

  3. Have time to develop my own concept at the same time

How awesome is that? Of course I knew about the term ‘digital nomad’ for a long time already and we all know that places like Bali are full with people who work and live in this way, and even though I always thought it would be perfect to me, I didn’t really plan to live that life right now. But it happened and I’m super happy. Of course, I often get the question how I’m be able to do all this. I know Instagram shows mainly the fun moments and it seems like I’m only on holidays, but I do work at the same time too. I don’t make a lot and I won’t be able to buy a car anytime soon for example, but I really don’t mind. To save some money, I live with my parents when I’m in the Netherlands, this is not only financially interesting, but also super nice to spend time with them and have this steady and comfortable place to return to.

This weekend, my brother finally comes home after one year, so we will have some quality time and real holidays for the next 2 weeks with our family, yippie!! Spending time at our parents place, cook nice meals together, walking the dog and going to Ireland again after 2.5 years, I can’t wait!

I will also use these weeks to make a business plan for the Social Impact Journey, for which I collected lots of information in Uganda. Besides, I will prepare myself for another very exciting experience: I will get on board of the Nomad Cruise the first week of April! A cruise ship full with digital nomads who will share their experiences, knowledge and ideas for one week, while sailing from Gran Canaria to Lisbon. I expect this to be very inspiring and to meet many awesome people.

So, there are many many exciting things about to come and I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks will bring. But as you might understand: I’m so happy with the things I do! Just have to recover from little stomach infection (nice present from Uganda), but sure this will be over soon and I will be up and running, ready to exploreee


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