I'm a lucky girl!

Well. Another week has just passed. It’s Sunday. Again. I’ve been in Uganda for 16 days already, but I didn’t share another blog. The main reason is because I had the amazing opportunity to travel around Uganda for the last 10 days to get to know the country, its people and the beautiful nature. I’m so happy to have that chance and I enjoyed every second. However, I forgot my power bank and charger/adapter at the first accommodation, so I could not always charge my laptop anymore. I had to go back to the old school note blocks and wrote all details in there, very nice actually.

The last 10 days, I travelled all over Uganda, from the Kenyan border in the east, all the way up north almost touching the border of South Sudan and then to the west towards the border of Congo. Why did I do all this? It was not just holidays. I can’t deny that it really felt like holidays, but this road trip helped me to get to know the product of PearlAfric. Now, I know better what they offer and how I can promote this. Either through Dutch tour operators or directly to people who are looking for a holiday to Uganda. How to do this exactly will become clear later this week. So this was a so-called familiarisation trip to Uganda, to get to know the different areas, the lodges PearlAfric is working together with and the possibilities for different routes and products to offer. I feel so lucky that I could do this and I’m really happy to have this experience!

I don’t only feel lucky for the fact that I could explore Uganda, but also because this whole trip learned me many new things again. As I shared in the last blog, I started to doubt a little about my decision when I flew down to Entebbe. That feeling was gone the moment I arrived and I could smell Africa again (yes, it’s true, you know you’re back because of this special Africa-smell). However, something weird happened. That Friday evening and Saturday morning I felt super lonely, missed home and started to ask myself the question again: what am I doing here and why am I doing this to myself. Only at that moment, I realised that I had hardly been all by myself for at least 8 months.

Since I moved back from Sweden, I lived with my parents and even the last trip through Africa we travelled together for most of the time. When they went home, I stayed with other people in a house and there was not a single night that I had dinner by myself. Now I sat in a restaurant eating a pizza at my ‘table for 1’ and I felt not happy at all. But luckily I know from other times abroad that everything can change super quickly. The same happened here.

On Saturday I moved to another house, in a nice area, with a shared living room and together with other people who stay a bit longer in Kampala, perfect! I went for drinks with Innocent and few of his friends and within no time I felt like I had found my place in this new city. So I realised again: travelling makes you so much richer! All the new experiences, a mental break down here and there and living the life: I feel like I’m a lucky girl!


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