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When travelling through Tanzania, I met many amazing women groups who all worked extremely hard to improve the quality of life and for their families a little bit. This inspired me to do more and a new brand was born:

Masaya Africa!

Masaya means happy in the Philipines and related to the Maasai of Tanzania; a perfect name!

Masaya Africa

One of the products of Masaya Africa offers, are handmade decorations made by the Maasai women group of Osiligilai, located in West Kilimanjaro area in Tanzania. 


These 10 women started a business together with the goal to become more independent and create their own income in a sustainable way. 


I decided to support this group because I believe in local economic development through entrepreneurship to make sure the impact will also be guaranteed for the long term. 


Do you also want these dream catchers*?



1 piece       €2,95

3 pieces    €7,95

5 pieces    €11,95


Decorated branch (no light)      €14,95   

Decorated branch (with light)   €19,95 

*limited supply

10 pieces      €24,95

25 pieces     €49,95

50 pieces     €69,95

The women

At this moment, I work together with one women group from the same community. The group exist of 10 women and they all have children. The Maasai culture is still very traditional and a man still has several wives who live together in one boma - the traditional houses.  Their living depends on the cattle and the more cows and goats they have, the better. For that reason, most men are not willing to sell some cows to make it possible to pay school fees and the kids are not going to school. They have never been to school themselves and they don't recognize the value of education yet. 


However, more and more women know the importance of education and want to be able to send their children to school. With help of these women groups, women are able to create their own income, which makes them independent from their husband. Most of the income generated through the business is used to bring the kids to school. The other part is used to reinvest in the business, for example, to buy more materials. 

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