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Adobe Photoshop

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Flights, visa, drinks, local transport, meals

Graphic designer

Do you know how to use Adobe photoshop and are you ready to share the basics with designers in Tanzania? Apply now! 

✔️ Teach a special class on Adobe

✔️ Support starting designers

✔️ Visit local stationaries/copy shops

The challenge

Since graphic design is not as developed and advanced as we know, there is still a lot to learn for local designers. Most of them are very eager to learn and would love to know more about Adobe. The 5 designers who followed the special class of YEP Tanzania, now have access to Adobe, but they still lack a real understanding of the program. More knowledge about Photoshop will definitely give them a huge advantage to their competition and they will be likely to grow their businesses. 

Your project

Together with YEP Tanzania, you will be teaching a special class in Adobe Photoshop. The special classes are designed for students and alumni of the YEP program. The goal of the classes is to gain more knowledge about a specific topic, that is relevant for their business. This is a proven concept and another volunteer facilitated a class already. Your task will be to teach the basic theory of Adobe and mainly to practice together with the students. They will be working on their projects for clients and you will be guiding them to improve their work. 

  • Daily class on the basic theory of Adobe Photoshop

  • Give a workshop on Photoshop

  • Guide the designers through their work and give tips 

  • Visit the stationary stores

  • One-on-one coaching to give tips on how to improve work 

The main activities

This sounds like my project!

About designer Colman

When thinking about graphic designers you probably have a fancy office in mind. In East-Africa, this is slightly different. There are many people working in graphic design, but the majority do not have fancy offices. Most of them are working from their small stationery stores, where they sell many other things. One of them is Colman Msaki, a very eager and motivated entrepreneur who would love to expand his designer activities and learn more about graphic design. Colman started his stationary at a university, which was a very good business. Here, he offered printing and scanning facilities, sold stationery and started designing for students. Unfortunately, he was no longer allowed to work from the university and he lost most of his business. However, he decided to continue and started again from scratch. Now, he is about to open his second shop. His main income is still coming from the sales of stationery and printing activities, but he gets more and more designing requests.

Why do I have to pay?

We wish we could say volunteering is for free. You are giving your time for free, but you still have to pay money to do a project. Why is this? 

All our projects are based on the needs of the local entrepreneurs. Of course, we want to be able to support them with what they really need, to make sure we don't waste time and money. Visiting the companies, selecting the projects and having someone who is always there to help you, simply cost money.

To make it short, the money you pay is not to do the projects but is to cover the costs of the organisation, your transfer, your accommodation and the support during the preparation, your stay and after you return home. 


What are the costs?

Application fee                €  449

Daily fee                            €    25

Airport transfers               €    80


✔️ Accommodation

✔️ Daily breakfast

✔️ 24/7 support on location

✔️ Preparation guide and assistance

✔️ Welcome city-tour

✔️ Pick-up from airport by representative

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