My name is Joyce and I am the one behind
The Social Impact Journey. I've always travelled a lot and I always knew I wanted to do 'something to do good'. After writing my final paper in high school about community-based tourism, I knew this was my thing and I had to continue in this field. I changed my study choice last minute and applied at Breda University 
of Applied Science to start with International Tourism Management; the best choice! 

After this, I moved to Sweden for the MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation. It was very inspiring to live and work with like-minded people for a year.  


However, I wasn't ready to settle in one place yet. In August 2018, I decided to pack my bags and travelled to Uganda, Zambia & Tanzania for 3 months. Here, I looked for opportunities to start a social enterprise: my Social Impact Journey. However, while being there I got so inspired that I decided to share my journey with others. 


I want to combine the two things I like to do most: travelling and finding ways to create social impact through entrepreneurship. Are you ready to join?




Fair2 is a social enterprise that develops and offers 'fair services'. Fair2.travel offers sustainable and impactful holidays. Since Fair2 is also specialised in skills-based volunteering, this is often included in their trips. 

All Social Impact Journeys are booked with Fair2. Therefore, the terms and conditions of Fair2 apply and payments are done with Fair2 as well.   

Enterprise Uganda is one of the local partners. Enterprise Uganda offers startup training to young and upcoming entrepreneurs. They also provide mentorship programs for young entrepreneurs to further develop their businesses. 

Together we select the participants of the Social Impact Journey, which will be based on your expertise and knowledge.  

Pearl Afric is the local travel agent that will take care of all transfers, activities and trips. The company is specialised (small) group trips and has lots of experiences in creating the best experience for all participants. 

The company is 100% Ugandan owned and aims to work with as many local suppliers as possible, to make the most impact 

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