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Experience the

joy of sharing

Support local entrepreneurs by sharing your knowlege and skills.


We truly believe entrepreneurship is the key to development. You can support entrepreneurs abroad by sharing your professional skills and expertise. 

Gain cross-cultural work experiences, step out of your comfort zone by applying your knowledge in a new setting and prepare yourself for a life-changing experience. 

Join the Social Impact Journey during your annual leave or sabbatical, or use your personal development budget from your company to broaden your horizon and enrich yourself!


We connect professionals with local businesses to share and exchange knowledge, ideas and solutions. The Social Impact Journey is a matchmaker to facilitate skill-sharing experiences.


Enrich yourself, gain cross-cultural work experiences and learn wise life lessons from other cultures. 







What's in it for you?

  • a two-way exchange of knowledge and skills

  • apply professional skills in a new setting

  • gain a real understanding of a new culture, experience as a local

  • cross-cultural work experiences

  • professional & personal development

Broaden your horizon 

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